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Programmes & Classes (BTG)

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Bridging the Gap Organization South Africa hosts a range of educational outreach programs.  Our initiatives are driven by passionate volunteers. Involvement in BTG program sometimes require people with experience or formal qualifications in the respective fields of engagement.

Since Bridging the Gap’s inceptionin 2006, the institution has not relied on public funding or appeals.  As of 2011, due to the magnitude of our initiatives alongside present economic conditions BTG Organization South Africa is hereby forced to appeal to the public for support, financial or other, in order to accomplish our goals and facilitate our programs professionally.  Should you wish to become a contributor please email our marketing and sponsorships department:


Mentoring Connect 2011

Bridging the Gap Educational Research and Resources Department presently conducts a mentoring and tutoring program with Grade 8 and 9 learners at The Leadership College in Manenberg.  This program involves introducing learners to various career disciplines, encouraging healthy relationships, leadership development training, study skills workshops, a media and film studies program and weekly tuition in Economic and Management Science to compliment the work learnt at school.

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Personal Obligatory Knowledge Seminars

Mr. Imaad Isaacs conducts a weekly lecture series at the University of Cape Town (UCT) entailing the personal obligatory knowledge of Islam that every accountable muslim should know and act upon.  This class is attended by members of the UCT community ranging from Professors to postgraduate and undergraduate students.  It is open to both muslims and members of other religious denominations.

If you’d like us to conduct this course in your home, neighbourhood, at your local mosque, your school or business we’d be more than willing to to accept the invitation.

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Tajweed Training Seminars

Bridging the Gap Organization’s Department of Qur’an and Tajweed facilitate the Tajweed Training Seminar program.  This workshop is offered to institutions (including teachers and students) who request Tajweed instruction or assistance.  The program focusses on practical recitation of the Qur’an (talaqqiyy) and also provides a firm grounding in the theoretical aspects of Tajweed.

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Academic Strike Teams

Another request-based service that is offered by the Educational Research and Resources Development Department.  BTG avails strike teams to fill in for educators during times of teacher union strikes.  It has hosted this program over the 2009 and 2010 academic years.  The program is strictly a request-only program that may be facilitated at schools or community centres.

Prospective Sponsors

All BTG South Africa’s educational outreach and training initiatives require financial support to function effectively.  Should you wish to make a contribution request a copy of a detailed program budget via email.  Please consult the ‘contact us’ page for details.


  • Advertise with us and help make a difference!
  • Advertise with us and help make a difference!
  • Advertise with us and help make a difference!
  • Advertise with us and help make a difference!