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Mr. Imaad Isaacs conducts a weekly lecture series at the University of Cape Town (UCT) entailing the personal obligatory knowledge of Islam that every accountable muslim should know and act upon.  This class is attended by members of the UCT community ranging from Professors to postgraduate and undergraduate students.  It is open to both muslims and members of other religious denominations.

If you’d like us to conduct this course in your home, neighbourhood, at your local mosque, your school or business we’d be more than willing to to accept the invitation.

The syllabus outline entails:

Part 1 – Essentials of belief and laws of apostasy

Chapter 1 The Meaning of the Testification of Faith (The Two Shahadahs)

Chapter 2 Types of Apostasy (Riddah)

Chapter 3 Repentance of the Apostate from Islam (Murtadd)

Chapter 4 Commanding the Obligatory (Ma^ruf) and Forbidding the Unlawful (Munkar)


Part 2 – Purification and prayer

Chapter 1 Times of Prayer (Salah)

Chapter 2 Obligations of the Guardians

Chapter 3 Ablution (Wudu’)

Chapter 4 Cleaning Oneself after Defecation and Urination (Istinja’)

Chapter 5 The Purificatory Bath (Ghusl)

Integrals of the Purificatory Bath (Ghusl)

Chapter 6 Conditions of Purification (Taharah)

Chapter 7 Dry Purification (Tayammum)

Chapter 8 Prohibitions While in a State of Ritual Impurity (Hadath)

Chapter 9 Removing Najas-Filth

Chapter 10 Additional Conditions of Prayer

Chapter 11 Invalidators of Prayer

Chapter 12 Conditions for the Rewardability of Prayer

Chapter 13 Integrals of Prayer

Chapter 14 The Congregational Prayer (Jama^ah) and the Friday Prayer (Jumu^ah)

Conditions of the Friday Prayer (Jumu^ah)

Integrals of the Two Speeches (Khutbahs)

Conditions of the Two Speeches

Following the Imam in Prayer

Chapter 15 The Funeral (Janazah)

Washing and Shrouding the Dead

The Funeral Prayer (Salat al-Janazah), Burial of the Dead


Part 3 – Zakah (alms)

Chapter 1 Items Subject to Zakah

Chapter 2 Zakah on Animals

Chapter 3 Zakah on Dates, Raisins, and Staple Crops

Chapter 4 Zakah on Gold and Silver, Gold and Silver Ores, and Golden and Silver Treasure-Troves (Rikaz)

Chapter 5 Zakah on Trade Articles

Chapter 6 Zakah of Fitr

Chapter 7 Recipients of Zakah


Part 4 – Fasting

Chapter 1 Who Must Fast

Chapter 2 Integrals of Fasting (Siyam)

Chapter 3 Days on which Fasting is Unlawful


Part 5 – Pilgrimage (Hajj)

Chapter 1 Who Must Perform Pilgrimage (Hajj)

Chapter 2 Integrals of Pilgrimage (Rukns of Hajj)

Chapter 3 What is Unlawful During Hajj 

Chapter 4 Requisites of Pilgrimage (Wajibs of Hajj)


Part 6 – Marriage and Dealing Contracts

Chapter 1 Knowledge Before Action

Chapter 2 Marriage Contract

Chapter 3 Usurious Gain (Riba)

Chapter 4 Some Rules of Selling (Bay^)

Chapter 5 Supporting Dependents, Including One’s Wife

Chapter 6 Obligations of the Wife


Part 7 – Obligations and Sins

Chapter 1 Obligations of the Heart

Chapter 2 Sins of the Heart

Chapter 3 Sins of the Abdomen

Chapter 4 Sins of the Eye

Chapter 5 Sins of the Tongue

Chapter 6 Sins of the Ear

Chapter 7 Sins of the Hands

Chapter 8 Sins of the Private Parts

Chapter 9 Sins of the Foot

Chapter 10 Sins of the Body

Chapter 11 Repentance


Al-Fiqh al-Akbar, Imam Abu Hanifah an-Nu^man

Resources on compact disc

Al-^Aqidah al-Tahawiyyah (pdf), The Belief of Muslims (audio), The Basics of the Muslim’s Prayer (pdf), The Biography of Prophet Muhammad (audio), Miscellaneous audios on the Seminar Content.


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