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Tajweed Thursdays Lecture Series hosted at the University of Cape Town.

I will avail resources for Tajweed including notes, audio links and recordings of the lessons that take place on campus.

Course Convener: Hafieth Imaad Isaacs

Lecture Times & Venue: Thursdays @ 13h00 in Beattie 115, UCT Upper Campus

Imaad Isaacs available for consultation: Fridays @ 09h00 – 10h00.


Audio Recordings

The quality of Lectures 2 and 3 are bearable, but not as crisp as desired.  HD Video recordings will be made available from Lecture 4 onwards.

Tajweed Lecture 2, 01 March 2012

Tajweed Lecture 3, 08 March 2012

Video Recordings

Click here to to the Video Recordings Index.

Unfortunately there aren’t any video recordings of the first three lectures.


The recordings of Shaykh Siddique Al-Minshawi will be used often during the course.  I will upload relevant chapters for study on this webpage as the course progresses.  These recordings should be used for practice, whilst implementing the principles of sound recitation as learnt in class.  You will also be required to do some analysis on these audios from time to time.

1st Quarter Audios Supplements

Surah Fatiha (The Opening), Shaykh Siddique Minshawi – Hafs Tarteel

Surah Fatiha (The Opening), Shaykh Siddique Minshawi – Mujawwad


From time to time I will avail open card questions in class.  The responses to these questions will be made available on this webpage.


Some notes may not be available at online.  However, most theory notes are housed here.

01.00 – Principles of Tajweed

01.01 – Who is Imam Hafs

01.02 – Manners when reading the Holy Quraan

01.03 – Manners with the Holy Quraan

01.04 – Elements of Recitation

02.01 – Articulation Points of the Huroof Al-Hijaaiyyah

03.01 – Al-Istiathah – Step-by-Step

03.02 – Al Basmallah Step-by-Step

04.00 – Ways of Seeking Refuge with the Basmallah and the Surah

04.01 – Ways of reading the Basmallah between two Surahs & Levels of recitation

05.00 – Rules of Noon Sakinah & Tanween

05.01 – Rules of the Meem Saakinah

06.00 – Signals of Stopping in the Holy Quraan

Section 2 Notes will be made available after the completion of the above set of notes.


I will make these available at the end of each section.


I have created a course website on Vula.  This place will not house any resources per se. you may use this space to communicate with fellow students via Vula Forums and chat room.  Please visit and login with your student number and password.