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Low-cost tuition for all!

Posted by admin Posted on May - 11 - 2014

So next Sunday, The Tuition Club is starting up a Mass Matric Math Workshop Movement in order to offer low-cost but expert quality tuition to those students who need it most. PILOT WORKSHOP: ALL OF CALCULUS IN 5 HOURS WHEN: SUNDAY 18 MAY FROM 08H30 – 14H00 WHERE: TBC – (WILL BE IN Athlone/Belgravia/Rondebosch East Areas) COST:  [ Read More ]

IIF Saturday Tuition Bursary

Posted by admin Posted on Jan - 16 - 2014

Appeal to support the new bursary program for students who are unable to afford our regular classes. Each year, many students fail to attend all sessions in our programs or can only afford to attend a few due to financial constraints. Despite being unable to pay, The Tuition Club has not turned away students and  [ Read More ]

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Learn Arabic this Holiday!

Posted by admin Posted on Nov - 11 - 2012

REGISTER ONLINE HERE You can learn Arabic this holiday! Imaad Isaacs will be lecturing an Intensive Arabic Course on campus during the upcoming November/December vacation.  Please see details in the attached PDF for further information!  Hope to see you there Lecturer: Imaad Isaacs Dates: Weekdays, from Monday, 19 November 2012 to Thursday 6 December 2012.  [ Read More ]

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Those Muslim Events (Review)

Posted by admin Posted on Nov - 30 - 2011

This post entails a Personal Obligatory Knowledge Seminar review submitted by attendees.  Some excerpts of other evaluations are also listed below. Those Muslim Events… by H. Mahomed (UCT Student, Seminar Participant) So you know those Muslim events? The ones promoting the beliefs of Islam? The ones that you get invited to on Facebook, and you not sure whether or  [ Read More ]

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Success! The Belief of Muslims

Posted by admin Posted on Nov - 24 - 2011

The first public seminar entailing Part One of the Islamic Personal Obligatory Knowledge Series was hosted by Bridging the Gap’s Educational Research & Resources Development Division and sponsored by the Two Oceans Education Foundation. The seminar entailed a short course on The Belief of Muslims and Apostasy.  The meaning of the two testifications of faith,  [ Read More ]

Conference Sponsorship Update

Posted by admin Posted on Oct - 02 - 2011

Assalãmu ^Alaykum Peace be upon you! We’ll be keeping you updated on all the developments with regard to the upcoming conference “In defence of the Belief of the Muslims”.  The conference entails the first part of our Islamic obligatory knowledge series comprising the chapters of belief and apostasy. The target sponsorships required in order to  [ Read More ]

Appeal – BTG Conference

Posted by admin Posted on Oct - 02 - 2011

Assalãmu ^Alaykum Brother/Sister Muslim The Bridging the Gap Organization has over the past year been conducting an evidence based course on the personal obligatory knowledge of Islam that every accountable muslim should know and act upon.  This course has been well-received by the University of Cape Town community including muslims and non-muslims alike. Due to  [ Read More ]

Semester 2 Courses – POK

Posted by admin Posted on Jul - 20 - 2011

Peace be upon you all! The Bridging the Gap Organization’s Department of Educational Research and Resources Development embarked on teaching the Personal Obligatory Knowledge of Islam at the University of Cape Town in February.  The course entails matters of creed, jurisprudence ranging from cleanliness to the pilgrimage, sins of the various body parts, and some  [ Read More ]

Winter School starts this month!

Posted by admin Posted on Jun - 05 - 2011

The BTG/TTC Annual Winter School Program for Grade 11 and 12 learners will kick-off on Monday, 27 June 2011 on the University of Cape Town’s Upper Campus.  Winter school gives learners an opportunity to brush up on their math and science skills. Click here for more details.

BTG Trains Mentors

Posted by admin Posted on May - 04 - 2011

In February of 2011, Bridging the Gap South Africa launched it mentor recruitment program.  The institution received an astounding response from volunteers of UCT’s Muslim Students’ Association.  All successful applicants underwent an intensive one-day training course hosted by BTG’s Educational Research and Resources Development Department on the campuses of the University of Cape Town.  Mentors  [ Read More ]

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