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Weekend Tuition Program for Maths & Physics in Cape Town for Grades 11 & 12 – January – September 2015

Full program details: 2015 Math Science Tuition Program
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Program Synopsis

The complete syllabi for mathematics and physical sciences are covered in the Saturday Tuition Program with over 800 practice questions and facilitated by experienced tutors.

The Tuition Club & BTG Presently offers a program for grade 12 learners. The program uses a combination of in-class practice activities, online homework and remedial activities, extensive in-class examination practice questions and value-added services.

The classes are presented over no more than 20 sessions from February to September 2015. No more than 12-15 students will be placed in a class. Should there be great demand we will offer another program on Sundays for grade 12s.

Previous Students’ & Parents’ Testimonials

This 23 day intensive programme has given me a comprehensive view of math. Not only did it reinforce my basics, it also led me to understand the fundamentals of what mathematics really is; it’s history and how it came about to be what it is today. – Aneesah Barends (Attended the Matric Math Preparation Course and achieved 7 distinctions in Matric 2014).

Thank you, Imaad! My son wrote his matric exams without any stress and very calmly after having done your 10-day program in May 2013. Thanks for all the support - Mr. Galant (Parent).

BTG matric math and science program was a great help in understanding and helping me reach my goals. – Mehdi Haider (Engineering Graduate, UCT – Attended the program in 2010)

Thanks Imaad for the words of motivation and encouragement, you really encourage us to do better. Keenan you’re great as well. – Student in BTG 23-Day Intensive Program 2014.

BTG taught me how to become an independent and confident thinker in maths. – Student in BTG 23-Day Intensive Program 2013.


Program Costs

Once-off registration fee: R350

If registering for two subjects, you only pay one registration fee and not an additional R340 – This fee is payable at commencement of first class.

First lesson & registration dates:

Saturday, 31 January 2015 (Grade 12s) @ 13h50

The first two (2) lessons are not charged. Both mathematics and physical sciences will be given on these days. Subsequent lessons are R70 per subject i.e. R70 for a physics lesson and R70 for maths lesson each.

Full program details: 2015 Math Science Tuition Program

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