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Those Muslim Events (Review)

Posted by admin Posted on Nov - 30 - 2011

This post entails a Personal Obligatory Knowledge Seminar review submitted by attendees.  Some excerpts of other evaluations are also listed below.

Those Muslim Events…

by H. Mahomed (UCT Student, Seminar Participant)

So you know those Muslim events? The ones promoting the beliefs of Islam? The ones that you get invited to on Facebook, and you not sure whether or not you should click yes, no or maybe? Well let me tell you a little story about the event held by Bridging the Gap (BTG) and the Two Oceans Education Foundation.  As I am sure you are aware by now I had received the invite via facebook, I looked at it and all I thought was ‘ok’, and then clicked the ‘maybe’ button.  Said event was titled The Belief of Muslims, it should be noted this intrigued me, for being a muslim, I had been searching a while now for classes to attend, teaching exactly that, but many are reserved for new Muslims, now what we needed was to change the Maybe into a Yes RSVP. First step: find out who else was to be there. As it turns out, ALL my friends were interested in going, (I love it when a plan comes together!) some just for the course, and others for the course plus paintball (did I mention there was paintball?! Righteous!).  So comes the day to attend, and lo and behold it was not a disappointment.  Unlike any other talk I have ever been to it delivered full on, leaving no stone unturned.  It gave us the basics to begin with, (just as it said it would), such as Who is Allah Ta’ala, and other important information, being sure to go as in-depth, as possible.  Information that one may think one knew already, but there truly is no harm in recapping, I say.  We were also very well-equipped with notes, provided by the course, hence the easy to follow flow of the two day course, (third day paintball!).  At the end of the course there were many assurances that there would be more events such as these in the future, dealing with the same content and more.  I don’t know about you (yes you reading this), but I cannot wait very long for the next part of the classes to begin, because the last certainly left me waiting, eagerly indeed, for more.

Other participant responses

These are recorded from anonymous participant evaluations submitted at the closure of the seminar program.

What did you learn that was most valuable?

The level of depth of the personal obligatory knowledge.

The chapter regarding Apostasy.

Apostasy and its three forms: actions, sayings and beliefs.

The absolute foundations and basics of my religion.

The chapter on apostasy was very interesting and enlightening as I was not aware of these things before.

That you cannot learn everything at once.

Things to watch out for in case of kufr (disbelief).

Apostasy, The Section – It’s good to know what takes you out of Islam: To guard yourself.

Which sessions, or part of sessions, were the most interesting?

The testimony of fatih: Did not know it was that in in depth.

All session were interesting.

The information concerning the Day of Judgement (Qiyaamah)

The input and Q&A from Shaykh Farouq on the 2nd day.


More responses to other questions.

I learned more than expected.

I enjoyed the course thoroughly and learnt a lot. Shukran

We should have more.  I’ll attend all of them.

The addition of paintball was a huge attraction and encouragement.  The food and refreshments were fantastic and tasted wonderful.

Very pleased with what I have learnt.


To view the picture gallery and BTG Report on the event click here.

For the BTG Facebook Page and event galleries follow the below or just scroll down to view the gallery on this site.

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